Note, all but one of these links are dead. Oh well...
  • Inventor
    Search of the US Patent Office for my patents

  • Project Manager
    The issue of The HP Journal showing the first product I designed

  • Section Manager
    Another HP Journal showing the HP Modulation Analyzer. I worked for HP for 21 years before going to Stanford Telecom

    The press release announcing the technology we developed enabling Internet over Cable TV (Cable Modems). I am quoted in the article. This division of Stanford Telecom was purchased by Intel and I went with the group.

  • Intel GM
    Another press release this time as a General Manager at Intel

  • Sailor
    I quit Intel in early 2001 to "pursue other interests." I always wanted to say that! The other interests are sailing and photography

  • Photographer
    Hummingbird and Bug was picture of the month at the Hummingbird Society

  • Stanford Athletic Department Photographer
    One of the pictures I took at opening day of the new Stanford Stadium was used as the publicity shot for the following season. It appeared on billboards, posters, and was even picked up for inclusion in the Alumni Calendar, one of only two athletic department shots to make the calendar.